Bounty-Prinzip® for Managers

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Marcel Lötscher

Bounty-Prinzip® für Führungskräfte
(Bounty-Prinzip® for Managers)

Motivierte Mitarbeitende meutern nicht
(Motivated employees do not mutiny)


ISBN 978-3-98542-021-6

169 Pages, Hardcover

Nomos Verlag – Edition Rainer Hampp 2021

Brief Overwiew

A mutiny on a ship is a dramatic event. This leadership crisis has a negative impact on seamanship and also hinders the achievement of the company’s goals. The mutiny on HMS BOUNTY in 1789 also affects numerous issues of good leadership. However, little attention has been paid to this complex of issues in the literature so far. The author analyses the historical sources in an appealing manner and contrasts them with the alternative facts. Thanks to the key points of the Bounty-Prinzip® (Bounty Principle), leaders do not always fall into the same harmful patterns of behaviour. The captain on shore can navigate the company with seamanlike composure and keeps the employees motivated on board.

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